Twitter tops the Super Bowl commercial mentions

Twitter has in mind when it comes to social network mentions in the Super Bowl commercials.

The social network was mentioned in 26 of the 52 national television commercials at the Super Bowl last night, according to a statement from Marketing Land Matt McGee. Facebook together four terms in advertisements, followed by one each for Instagram and YouTube. Google+ received any endorsements.

To arrive at his record, McGee began counting only after the kickoff. He stopped counting when the timer reaches 0:00. Only national advertising were included, and something the NFL or CBS promote their own properties has been left out of the results of the tally. McGee 's could give some advice with regard to attitudes that brands respective social networks. For years, Facebook and Twitter have tried to attract more businesses to their networks. McGee says that mentions the Super Bowl might say that Twitter is winning the battle.

However, the debate has raged for years in which social networks can provide the best overall value to the business. In 2011, CNET editor Rafe Needleman compared the companies' efforts to help providers offer an experience of the first social order. He believed that five steps - range, flexibility, design, mobile interaction and - ultimately determine the value for businesses. Although Twitter was able to win one of these categories - design - Needleman argued that Facebook provide the best brand experience in a social network.
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