U.S. cyber-espionage target supported the campaign

China is the top cyber United States and intensified attacks against American companies to identify the data that will help the economy gain, according to a document recently obtained national security.

Over the past five years, the Chinese have focused on companies operating in the finance, technology, and aerospace, among others, according to the Washington Post, which published information from the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE), a document that contains data and analysis of all U.S. intelligence agencies. La Poste has obtained information on the report of unidentified individuals.

Cyberwar between U.S. and China has been well documented. Countries have not publicly stated their aim the other, but both sides have said that they have been hit with cyber attacks. It was also widely believed that China has tried to access business information for its gain.Interestingly, China may not be the only threat the United States faces. According to the Post, the NIE says Russia, Israel and France all have led cyber-espionage efforts at economic efforts in the United States again, China's efforts are the most common.

The NIE is one of the most secret documents of the U.S. government and its existence has often been debated. In a statement to the Post, in fact, a spokesman for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence stated that the agency "not to discuss or acknowledge the existence of NPI unless otherwise do."

The last NIE comes less than two weeks after the Associated Press reported that the Obama administration wanted a full risk assessment China poses. Based on this information, the administration will determine how best to respond to attacks from China.
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