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I love a good viral video. Who does not? In preparing to work on this video and blog post, I decided to rewatch some oldies but goodies. JK Wedding Entrance Dance, everyone? I also made my way through a list of top employees click on YouTube to find one I might have missed a few years ago. Judson Laipply six minutes showing us the evolution of the dance was very entertaining and I could easily see why he won all 209558808 views. And then there's 17 seconds of a baby panda sneezing wonderful tiny giant more than 150 million people have seen. I must remember that my mother pass. For me, the common point of all these viral clips was some emotion they evoked. I found myself smiling, with tears in my eyes occasionally during this "research" session.

According viral video specialist Stephen Voltz, the tug of emotion is one of the few criteria that can make a memorable video and shared: "There are really four things that will make a viral video Do not Be true to false .. thereof. You must be time efficient, do not waste my time, getting right to work. You need to do something memorable, something people have not seen before. And finally, ultimately, it is humanity. '

Voltz and know a little something about the success of the viral video. Several years ago, he and his business partner, Fritz Grobe, started playing with the chemical reaction between Mentos and Diet Coke. If you've been on the Internet in the course of the last seven years, you've probably seen what happens. The duo made a 3 minute video geysers of soda and put online, and within two days, he was sent to the world and to the office of producer David Letterman show. Currently, it is estimated that over 100 million people have seen this original video. Besides an appearance on Letterman and other talk shows various team won more than $ 30,000 of this first video. That seed has led to video experiences and partnerships with other leading companies such as Coca-Cola, McDonald's, and Office Max. Six months after this celebrity online Voltz has decided to retire from his 20-year career as a litigator focusing on video production full time. "I do not have the same amount of money as a lawyer, but it is much more fun. This is actually very close to the street to realize that I wanted to do when I was a kid. It's just a different corner and more people can see it, "said Voltz.

Voltz and Grobe recently wrote the book "The Manifesto Viral Video" to share their experiences and offer advice for budding videographers. In addition to the four criteria that contribute to a successful video, they remind people to keep things simple: "Do not be tempted to overproduce It is very tempting to use the techniques of television on a video you want to go viral and .. usually kill him. "

Obviously, following the recipe to the letter does not guarantee viral we have a clip of success, let alone make money. And the number of people who have earned a penny a YouTube clip represents a small fraction of the total number of users on the site. But keep trying. The rest of us will enjoy watching ... and we hope to send your videos to share. Now back to this video OK Go ....
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