Vringo subsidiary continues Microsoft patent search

A subsidiary of intellectual property continues Vringo Microsoft for allegedly infringing two of its patents, said today Vringo.

Wholly owned subsidiary cabinet I / P engine has filed a complaint in the Southern District of New York.

I / P motor is seeking a court ruling stating that Microsoft did infringe its patents and requests the court to award damages for past and future royalties and "any form of economic loss recoverable. '

Both patents relate to U.S. patents 6,314,420 and No. 6,775,664 U.S. Patent No., which describes in detail the essential part foundation for the operation of a search engine.

In August, Vringo sold 9.6 million shares for $ 31.2 million to buy more than 500 patents and patents pending for Nokia - a partner of Microsoft in the smartphone space - which were then used to prosecute in a court ZTE UK. The patent portfolio was worth only $ 22 million, which makes the deal worthwhile for Nokia, but ultimately, in the long term even better for Vringo, which may be able to reap more of the trials. In other words, if she wins.

This is not the first time that the company - or one of its subsidiaries - took a monster of technology in court. Last year, Vringo sought hundreds of millions of Google, AOL, and others regarding the Wall Street Journal notes, the same two patents are cited in the Microsoft trial (The Journal also reported that the trial Microsoft is the company's research engine Bing). The patent hoarder collected represent only a fraction of the total amount requested for damages.

Microsoft declined to comment.
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