Get one year of unlimited cloud storage for $ 39 Pogoplug

Last month, I shared agreement on one year of unlimited cloud storage for $ 69 Bitcasa.

This is less.

With this weekend as part of an exclusive stingy (woo!), you can get a year of unlimited Pogoplug cloud storage for $ 39. No restriction on file size, no limits on downloading or uploading, just an endless supply of virtual-drive goodness.

Granted, Bitcasa Pogoplug and are to a certain extent, apples and oranges. The first works more like Dropbox on steroids, sync selected folders and even allows you to migrate data from your hard drive and your drive.Pogoplug cloud will not sync, but you upload documents, media, etc. from your PC or smartphone. In fact, the Pogoplug applications can automatically upload photos from your mobile device, giving you a safe offsite backup. Nevertheless, the lack of synchronization features limited service call, at least a little.

However, you can listen and share all your stuff with ease. For example, if you want to watch a bunch of movies on your iPad, but do not have the storage space, simply download them to your Pogoplug drive and rivers. Similarly, you can easily share documents and photos with friends, family members, coworkers, and so on.

Pogoplug normally costs $ 4.95 per month, which equates to about $ 60 per year. However, you can get it for $ 49.95 per year if you pay in advance. This agreement with gives you a little more than 20 percent reduction. Keep in mind, however, that next year you will be on the hook for $ 49.95.

It is still quite competitive for unlimited cloud storage. Obviously it would be great if Pogoplug synchronization capabilities offered, but even without that it's a good way to store, share and stream all your goodies.

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