Logitech seeks to dismiss 140 employees the problem persists

Logitech aims to make major changes, and part of this plan is to reduce its workforce.

The company today announced it will lay off 5 percent of its workforce worldwide, about 140 employees, and take a charge related to the 12 million to $ 14 million.

Logitech has gone through a very difficult period. The company recorded an operating loss of $ 180 million in its fiscal third quarter (calendar fourth quarter) on sales of $ 615 million. The company's sales fell 14 percent compared to the same period last year.That disorder called Logitech announced in January that he will try to sell its Harmony and its Security Division digital video. The company terminated its speaker docks and efforts to game consoles by the end of the year.

Logitech today acknowledged that it is a little difficult, saying that downsizing should enable it to more effectively align around its core businesses - mobility products and accessories for PC.
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