Windows 8 OS Market Share

Windows 8 is slowly chiselling out a a little bit larger slice of the OS market.
The latest taste of Windows taken 3.17 % of all pc OS visitors monitored by Net Programs in April. That was a small gain from the 2.67 % discuss in Feb.
Since its official first appearance last Oct, Windows 8 has very progressively increased up the rankings, at least in Net Applications' Web visitors reports.
Starting with a 1.09 % discuss in Nov, the OS designed out a 1.72 % discuss in Dec. It then got a 2.26 % discuss in Jan, forcing it previous Mac OS X 10.8 to take the fourth identify among all operating-system.
Windows 7 stayed perfectly ahead of Windows XP as the top OS last 30 days, though the specific shares of both barely nudged from their Feb numbers. Windows seven wrested the top identify from XP last Aug, according to Net Programs.
The much-maligned Windows Windows vista stayed in third position with a 5 % discuss, a drop from the previous 30 days.
Assuming Windows 8 keeps growing and Windows vista keeps falling -- both at a consistent pace -- Windows new OS should grab third position sometime this summer.
Overall, Windows' discuss of Net Applications' pc OS visitors was a bit more than 91 %, a number virtually the same over the last several months. The discuss held by Mac OS X dropped a little bit to 6.94 %, while Linux system was a distant third with 1.17 %.
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