Getting started with Flickr's new iPhone app

Reddit modified its iPhone app these days, ushering in a new design and functions, such as picture filtration just like those the world has dropped in love with over at Instagram. Allow me simply walking you through the drastically modified Reddit for iPhone app.
When you first release the app, you'll need to subscribe via Facebook or myspace or indication in to your account via Search engines, Facebook or myspace, or Search engines. After signing in, you'll see a structure just like Instagram. Operating along the base are five control buttons to get around the main places of the app. From remaining to right they take you to the connections and categories page; the discover web page, where you can perspective exciting or close by photos; photographic camera method to breeze a picture or get one from your photographic camera roll; your information web page, where you can perspective your picture flow and activity; and a area known as More that contains search, configurations, and a buddy locater.On the Contacts/Groups web page, you can run top to base through either set of customers to perspective images as you can with your Instagram nourish, but you can also run flat in a trench on a picture to see additional injections from that contact or team. Hitting on a picture increases it, and if you move your iPhone into panoramic method, you'll get a stripped-down perspective with a dark backdrop and a play key to start a slide show. Three control buttons sit below each picture to level it as a preferred, opinion, or discuss via Facebook or myspace, Tweets, Tumblr, or email. The Explore web page allows you look through images that Reddit believes exciting, or you can perspective images close by. Interesting or close by images are set out a bit in a different way than they are on the contacts/groups web page. Here, they are placed two to a row and differ in size, loaning the app a vaguely Pinterest feel.
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