Social media notes on the 12-12-12 Concert

12-12-12 was a day tailor-made for public networking and there was a lot going on timed to enough time period. Here are some notices from the serious to the ridiculous:

12-12-12, THE DATE: Many individuals invested the times referring to the unusual confluence of figures (won't occur again until 01/01/01 in 2101), beginning with 12:12:12 am regional time, on Facebook or myspace and Tweets and ongoing all over the globe, reaching a optimum at 12:12:12 pm regional time. I, too, provided into the buzz and published a display get of the formal US nuclear time at switching 12:12:12 pm.

There were, of course, a large number of others creating fun of all the 12-12-12 passionate. Among them, Honest Conniff (@FrankConniff), who tweeted: "Did you know that nowadays is 12-12-12? Amazing! This is the only opportunity I'll ever have to discuss this amazingly boring fact!"

Here's a selection by BuzzFeed of how various organizations from McDonald's to UPS managed 12-12-12.

No one took the 12:12:12 concept more seriously than India-based company owner Sharik Currimbhoy, who contributed $12.12 thousand to his alma mater and my company, Mexico School. The news launch said, "The present is timed to match with the excellent time of 12:12 p.m. on Wed, Dec 12, 2012--12:12 on 12-12-12."

RIP, RAVI SHANKAR: The first uncommon factor I observed after enough time period company was the point that the name Ravi Shankar was popular globally. You wouldn't anticipate the moving of a 92-year-old sitar gamer from Native indian to be that commonly mentioned, but it certainly was. I tweeted a display get of the popular data, saying: "Nice to see Ravi Shankar popular, thx in aspect to twitter posts from individuals as different as @MarioBatali & @CoryBooker."

Shankar became popular in the U.S. because of his perform with the Beatles (though Slate's Geeta Dayal - @GeetaDayal - informs us "Ravi Shankar wasn't just the Native indian guy who installed out with the Beatles." The proven reality that he was the dad of celebrity Norah Jackson (@NorahJones) and her half-sister, sitarist Anoushka Shankar (@ShankarAnoushka), who was selected for a Grammy this weeks time, performed a aspect in young folks' attention.

12-12-12, THE CONCERT: The day finished with an all-star advantage show along the collections of what's been done for the 9/11 strikes in 2001, the Oriental tsunami in 2004, Storm Natural disaster katrina anniversary passes in 2005, and the Haiti earth quake truly. The "12-12-12" show, for Superstorm Exotic comfort in New You are able to and New Nj, had a lot of buzz designed into it, beginning with its unforgettable time period, the brand-name artists and the point that it was being transmitted stay on 37 systems in the US and more than 100 offshore and streaming stay on many significant websites (the evening of quasi emcee, Billy Amazingly, guaranteed an viewers of 2 billion). There were also many superstars manning the cellphone financial institutions and introduced attention to the celebrations.

The show was organised at Madison Rectangle Lawn, which was also the website, in 1971, of the first of these large advantage events, designed, of all individuals, by Ravi Shankar and Henry Harrison. The Concert of Bangladesh (here's the Wikipedia entry; and here are several movie excerpts), has quite the heritage. It motivated Bob Geldof's 1995 Live Aid show and is constantly on the have an effect as carries on from the show record and DVD advantage the Henry Harrison Finance for UNICEF, which has applications in Bangladesh nowadays.
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