How to quickly set calendar times in OS X

Calendar applications integrated into Apple OS X is a handy tool to have an agenda, but its default method for entering calendar dates can be a bit heavy by first appearances.
When you enter an event in the calendar, select the calendar you want to use and then double-click the date to create the event. You can then event title accordingly. By default, this action creates a one-day event that will still need to be refined by editing it to adjust its schedule. While those who use Calendar can find it a bit acceptable although a little heavy calendar supports two input options for other calendar entries easy to clear.Quick button input.Apart from the civil list is a button with a plus sign, which is the Quick-Entry for events. When you click on a text field appears in which you can provide an event name followed by a quick description date and time that the event will occur Calendar accordingly.securities chipWhile early entry is practical, you may find yourself wanting to go and preferring assign an event the day it starts by double-clicking in the day. Although above the default action for the creation of a one-day event, you can quickly customize by providing time information in its title.For example, if your date of that day is a film of 7 to 9 hours, so you can type "Movie 7-9pm" or similar wording to use this Calendar have time.
Various combinations of work and time you can use common keywords to describe your calendar, including "less" for the time base ("at 6pm"), "to" time windows ("from 7 to 21 hours "), or" until "for longer periods over several days (" until 21:00 23/01/2013 ").
Exploring options around these titles Calendar event, you can probably find some easy ways to enter calendar events ever need to change.
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