Danish modern: Raidho Acoustics C 3.1 speaker

I had my first glimpse of the Acoustics Raidho "Rocky Mountain Audio Festival in Denver in October, but the demo company based in Denmark did not click for me. It is not rare, exposure conditions and hotel rooms may not be the best environments to hear the state-of-the-art sound.Then, last week, I heard a pair of speakers Raidho C 3.1 ($ 39,000) to the house of a friend in New York, and the sound was a revelation. We played a new and 100 percent uncompressed audiophile recording a piano solo, and the purity and clarity are simply amazing. Reproduce the true sound of a piano to 9-foot Yamaha grand is impossible, but the C 3.1 was much closer to achieving this goal that I have heard in a long time. Pianos are percussion instruments - they are covered with a felt hammers striking metal strings - and the fact that C is 3.1s clear. I attended the recording session, a week earlier, so I had a good handle on what the piano really looked, and 3.1s C was brought back to life. "Attack" of each note was presented with remarkable fidelity, and the rich tone of the instrument was perfectly intact.The C 3.1 features three 4.5-inch woofers ceramic, a 4-inch ceramic midrange and ribbon tweeter. The cabinet walnut burl finish curve was extraordinary.The other thing that struck me in the sound of the C 3 .1 s is defined bass. These speakers nailing the field, texture and sensation palpable bass with rare precision. In truth deep under low 40Hz was not in the cards for the C 3.1s, but the speakers reproduced subtle details, such as reverb and acoustic recording location, very well.C 3.1 is one of the best speakers I've heard this year. I do not pretend that this is the best speaker in the world, one that I heard and fell in love with.
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