Predict the most unlikely events technology will happen in 2013

The other day, I was lying on the beach when an old man came tanned lie next to me.

He made some noises that groan and chatted on his flip phone. It was Iggy Pop.

This in itself was unusual. However, at the same time he was there, I read a book called "Paris, I love you, but you're Bringing Me Down" by Rosencrans Baldwin. This is the story of an American writer who travels to Paris with his wife write stupid ads for Louis Vuitton.

I was on page 167, which describes Baldwin Karl Lagerfeld. "It looked like a short circuit, Iggy Pop dead"

Please, you who count how many are in your cornflakes bowl. What is the probability was that? I almost want to say that Mr. Pop when he dies, he will look like Karl Lagerfeld.

Thus, while the majority may want to believe that 2013 will be all about mobile, mobile and a wristwatch Apple, I would like to offer a few things much less likely than really, really happen. Well, they might well.

1. There will be no more new free social media sites
Laugh if you may, is it not a bit tired of it all free, free, free? Are not you find that free is coming with strings longer than the list of lovers Silvio Berlusconi? Whether privacy policies or sales data, it is getting ugly.

Facebook is somewhat different from Spirit Airlines. He is now trying to find all possible ways to put his hand bulbous in your pocket and grab your nickels and dimes. It will soon be free each of your business meals. The New York Times paywall works pretty well. Soon, all release sites will follow. 2013, see an embrace long lost original concept of "you get what you pay for." And suddenly people will respect what they get paid for it.

2. Apple and Samsung will merge
Yes, yes. There is as much chance of what is Kristen Stewart back together with this kind vampire who shaves infrequently. Wait. If there's one thing I know about people - one - is that the more passion they put into their quarrel, the more they really express their love.

It is easy to believe that Apple and Samsung are deadly rivals. But what if they suddenly came together as two royal families in ancient times, to ensure not only the future of the fine technology arouses great political influence but not even imagined by the great political force our time, Google? I'm a dreamer, me.

3. Share on social media sites will fall 30 percent
There was surely nothing more poetic than Randi Zuckerberg hit his shoe as Nikita Khrushchev at the United Nations, after one of his very personal photographs was seen by the great unwashed.

Some might think that this proved that anyone could become a company director of social media. The deeper, however, realized that this was an important moment when everyone realized that their bids were never really safe from prying eyes.

This will lead to a constraint which will mean a sudden trend towards achieving monstrous group of friends isolated coffee tables. The name of the café will be released at the last minute, like a rave virulent. Once the group is seated, everyone will whip out their iPhones and quietly display their photos of their beet salad last fight beatdown or poetry reading their brother squash, openly and nobody will see. Except for some quasi-Stasi operative at Apple, maybe. (Oh, they must have a way to view your pictures, are they not?)
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