iPad 2013: Mini upward

Apple seems to have hit another soft spot of the consumer with the iPad Mini. So, how sweet can get in 2013?

First, some numbers that link to how popular the iPad appears to be 7.9 inches. NPD DisplaySearch had originally intended for display manufacturers ship 6 million screens iPad Mini in the fourth quarter of 2012. But last month he quickly raises this estimate to about 12 million euros.

Even though it is not clear whether the display manufacturers were actually able to ship as much due to supply constraints regarding screens, it is safe to say that the Mini demand .

That better? In a word, the screen.

Punching up of pixels: The relatively grainy Mini iPad 1024 x 768 pixels display resolution is fine for most people. But only 163 pixels per inch - compared to 264 pixels per inch for iPad Retina - I do not think it's good enough for Apple.

Especially when the competition is knocking at the door of Apple. Greater Amazon Kindle Fire HD is 254 pixels per inch in a 8.9 inch screen. And popular Google Nexus 7 offers better resolution than the Mini too.

So how does raise the bar for Apple? Conventional wisdom, driven by Asia based on rumors is that Apple hit on an eye-popping .536 2048 x1-pixel screen (same number of pixels as the iPad 9.7-inch Retina but in a considerably tighter space) and swap the A5 chip for fast A6.
It looks attractive, but it is more expensive to build than the Mini, which is sold for a starting price of $ 329 today. So you may have to pay more for a mini Retina.

But it's worth it. For me, the shock pixel - after using the iPad and Retina mini 4 in the last month or so - not so much from the 4 to the Mini, but return to the Retina 4. The display is so obviously superior to that of the Mini it is impossible to put on 4 times, despite the call ergonomic Mini.

Peppier processor: And here's another reason why I always go back to the iPad 4 is much faster. Although there are benchmarks that illustrate this, I can feel it. After using the Mini - which is not long, in fact - for a time, then pick up the 4, it feels like everything has been turbocharged.

So you can bet that Apple will eventually put the A6 chip which is even faster in the iPhone 4 5 iPad inside the Mini.

And how long will all of the above happen? It depends on the speed with which vendors can mass produce the Mini eventual Retina display. My guess is that the mass production of a pixel 7.85-inch display, 3 million and density that can fit into the frame of the current Mini is much more difficult than you think.
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