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It's been six months since Google unveiled its Google project of glass, and it seems that the technology giant is still hard at work to smooth out wrinkles get the product ready for consumption.

In an interview with IEEE Spectrum published today, the project manager of Google glass, Babak Parviz, said his team continues to try new ideas and that both the software and hardware development is coming along.

"We are constantly striving for new ideas on how this platform can be used," said Parviz IEEE Spectrum. "We also try to make the platform more robust. This includes equipment that is stronger and more robust software, so that we can ship to developers earlier this year. "

Google debuted titanium framed glasses helmet at its Google I / O conference in June. At the time, the portable platform was video and audio with an integrated compass and accelerometer, and it was controlled by head movements.
In his interview, Parviz added insight into what the company has been working since the beginning of July. At present, he said, the device has a touch pad to change the settings and Google is experimenting with voice commands. Parviz team is also working on adding a function call for glasses, as well as the amplification of battery life to last a full day.

Currently, Parviz said Google has no plans to display advertisements on the device. Also, it is difficult to know if the glasses have built applications or any other kind of functionality.

"It's a complicated thing. This is not a laptop or a smartphone. This is an entirely new platform. So how people interact with it and what people do with it is completely new territory, "said Parviz. "But we hope that when we ship it to developers, others will also find this powerful platform is capable of doing."

Glass probably will not be available to consumers until 2014, but Google told a small group of developers will have the chance to buy the $ 1,500 "Explorer" edition of the device at the beginning of 2013
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