Google arty party after the New Year holiday doodle

Do you feel a feeling a bit dry in the mouth? Are your members with nervousness and involuntary tics?

Negotiations fiscal cliff can do for you.

However, Google would tell you that he understands the pain of 2013, without entering into a leaf in the wind.

After presenting a doodle charm for New Year's Eve (below), with so many characters doodles 2012 (you can see all the Google doodles here), today cleaning.

The reality has come. Cleaners arrived. Robert Moog, Moby Dick, and Niels Bohr have all gone home. Even Julia Child made ​​her pots and scarpered.
The only remaining partygoer is Rodin's Thinker. It is always sitting in front of his computer.

It is clear that the artistic significance at stake here. Doodlers these are nothing if it is not intellectual.

The Thinker obviously not the drinker, considering a solution to all the world's ills.

How can he bring prosperity to all? How can he bring love and happiness to those who see only the tunnels without light?

Alternatively, the thinker is a Google engineer. He has not had a day off and he is still working on how to make Google a little better. Or. many
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