Anonymous: "Wait for us in 2013"

Anonymous hacking collective said he did not intend to disappear in the new year. He issued a statement at the weekend that warned the world to "Wait here for us in 2013."

With this statement, the group created a video that boasts of its campaigns and exploits in 2012. Details on the video group temporarily stop the U.S. Department of Justice, the FBI, Universal Music and the Motion Picture Association of America Web site to protest against the indictment of the U.S. government MegaUpload operators popular file hosting site.

The video also shows the news "campaign against Syria government websites because of the judgment alleged that the Government of the Internet, and Anonymous Anonymous" cyberwar "against the Israeli government to protest against government attacks on the Gaza Strip. The group also said its hack the website of the Westboro Baptist Church in response to the controversial church plans to picket the funerals of those who were massacred in elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut
"The operations are listed in the video are just examples, there are many more operations," Anonymous wrote in a statement. "Some of them still in progress, such as Operation Syria. We're still here."

Despite threats from hacking group, some believe that the collective can not really make a big impact in the online world in the coming year. Security firm McAfee Labs released its forecast 2013 "threat" last week and claimed the decline Anonymous.

The company argued that the lack of structure and organization, misrepresentation, and piracy for the sake of it affected the reputation of the group. McAfee also said, however, that high-level professional groups hackers can take over and promote an increase in military, religious, political, and "extreme" attacks of the campaign.
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