HTC's budget-friendly Windows Phone 8S not coming to U.S.

HTC won't be creating its budget-minded Ms windows Cellphone system, the 8S, available in the U. s. Declares.

In a declaration to Engadget last night, the organization known as its higher-end system, the 8X, its "signature Ms windows Phone" and said that with its concentrate on that system, the 8S "is not currently organized for submission in the U.S. industry."

Sources informed The Brink that the 8S was initially marked as a lower-cost phone for T-Mobile but that Ms made the decision to pay attention to examining of the Qualcomm 8960 chipset that's discovered in the 8X (as well as in The lenders Lumia 820 and 920 Win Cellphone devices) over the chipset that's in the price range 8S. That may well mean the 8S has skipped its time frame for formal assistance provider assistance.

HTC declared both the 8S and 8X on Sept 19, and the 8X went available for selling in the U.S. in Nov with AT&T, Verizon wi-fi Wireless, and T-Mobile The 8X has been placed by Ms as the leading release phone for Ms windows Cellphone 8.

Engadget notices that the 8S may appear revealed and unsubsidized on various e-tail websites available to U.S. customers.
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