McAfee nabbed? His blog says maybe, following CNN interview

The uncommon real-life potboiler concerning on-the-lam application wealthy David McAfee ongoing these days, as -- following a cloak-and-dagger CNN meeting with the fuyarde -- McAfee's own weblog published products saying he may have been taken at the Belize-Mexico edge.

The product, shown above and revealed previously by information organization AFP, says little more than that and phone calls the review of the catch "unconfirmed." We'll upgrade this publish -- or weblink to a new, individual tale -- when we know more.Earlier, CNN handled to monitor McAfee down for an on-camera meeting somewhere in his long time nation of property, Belize -- where he's in concealing after his next door neighbor was taken to loss of lifestyle. A CNN content associated with an movie of the meeting says its writer had to offer a key protection password and participate in a secret-agent-like, twisting-and-turning car drive to get to the antivirus-software director.

In the brief meeting, which you can examine out here, McAfee says, "I will certainly not convert myself in, and I will certainly not quit battling. I will not quit my weblog." He says he will either get caught or get away and explains that "Get away doesn't mean keep the nation. It indicates they will, No. 1, look for the killer of Mr. Faull and, No. 2, the individuals of this nation -- who are by and huge frightened to talk out -- begin discussing out,"

McAfee has been on the run since Nov 12, when his next door neighbor Gregory Faull was discovered with a topic in his go. McAfee and Faull had allegedly had run-ins with each other over McAfee's pets and equipped protection. In an meeting with Wired that same day, McAfee said he believed the murderers had basically been looking for him and not Faull.

Other factors of the tale consist of the point that the 67-year-old McAfee's house was raided in May and that cops said they discovered several duplicate weapons and McAfee with a 17-year-old lady. They also said he was production an anti-biotic in his house without a certificate. McAfee's weblog provides another uncommon perspective. Obviously started about per weeks time after Faull's killing, it contains records from McAfee himself about his journey. In one such publish, McAfee creates that he is journeying with a 20-year-old lady known as Samantha, whom he attributes with assisting to keep him fed, dressed, and in hiding:
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