iPhone 5S already? Possible pics leak

 It's a opportunity to start the iPhone rumors perform moving again.

French Web page Now here else.fr determined stated pictures of the next iPhone, known as the iPhone 5S, on a group run by iPhone5parts.net.  The pictures show an iPhone that has an exterior that looks just like the iPhone 5. The returning of the item would generally be an iPhone 5 if not for the particular information being modified by "x," which may indicate a design.

A look within shows different placement for the claws, and some little modifications from the iPhone 5. The group has a picture that plenty the two aspect by aspect.

CNET contacted The apple company company for a declaration on the pictures, and we'll upgrade the story when we get a response.

Fresh off the discharge of the iPhone 5 in late September, the speculation over the next version is already ramping up. Many believe the next will be a little upgrade, just like the iPhone 4S, with more inner improvements than simple design ones.

The company, however, activities more complicated opponents from opponents that are willing to bring out new designs for their cell cellular phones at least once -- and often more than once -- a period.
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