Add pop-up notices to telephone calls on Android operating system with bytNotes

Like most people, you probably forgot to ask some questions or make some shots when you're on a call with someone. This is when you hang up, just remember exactly what you were supposed to talk. What could be more boring. Instead of trying to remember everything in your busy life, or having to call people back all the time, why not let your Android remind you what you have to say?

Naturally, there's an app that does this - if the LED built into stock Android system would be a bright future advantage. bytNotes by MSGA offers a way to add additional information that appears during a call. Here's how to start:

First, you'll want to install a copy of bytNotes for your Android. The free version is ad supported, but seems to include all the features offered by the paid version. While it is always a good idea to get applications donate version you like to help the developer out.Since this is probably your first use of the application, you must start at the Remarks section of the application . After a few days or weeks, you will have recent contacts listed in the sections of people and the Messages application to streamline the process bit.Once you open the Notes box, press the new note in the upper right. Then you'll want to add a title to your note, followed by more detailed information to help you remember exactly what you need to talk. The icons at the bottom of the screen allow you to decide whether the note should appear on the types incoming, outgoing calls or both. In addition, the figure on the extreme right person you will connect the appropriate contacts to the note. This feature is great because you may need to ask several people the same question, as they got another friend for her birthday, or if they can make you lunch provided for all your friends next week . When you are finished, press the check mark at the top right to save the note. If you want to change any settings, simply press the note to edit. And if you forget to link someone on the note, simply click on the person next to the note and find them in your area book.The address settings of the application allows you to decide if you want to disable all incoming and outgoing bytNotes, and if you want bytNotes birthday set up for you. And that's all you need to configure for notes that appear on your screen callers.
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