Ask for reimbursements for Search engines Play applications after elegance period ends

For some applications it is also paying counterparts trial or free. On many of these test applications, you will see that the only difference is that they are funded by advertising. Upgrade can remove the ads and nothing else, so you may not even need the paid version. However, many versions of paid apps offer the best features - you know, the point of sale.

Let's say you purchased an application that you can not judge its usefulness in 15 minutes or less. Or maybe the app is freezing your device when you use it and see what happens takes more than 15 minutes. Are you stuck with the application now? Well, maybe. Maybe not.

If the application is relatively inexpensive, it may be less hassle to just eat the cost. But if the price is $ 10 or more and cause your device to freeze when you use it, ask for a refund seems understandable. You will not be able to return the application via the automated Google Store Play on your Android device or via the Web. However, you can request a refund from the promoter or even Google, if you are in a window of 48 hours. Here's how: To request a refund from the developer:

Look for the entry into force Google Play via your web browser or on your Android device. If you scroll down, you will see a box Developer. Google says one of the contact methods available for you to reach the developer: e-mail, telephone, or on the Web site.Make you in detail the problem you are having with the application that you would qualify for a refund. To mention that you forgot to return it or you do not, it may not be enough for some developers to refund your money.

Please note that all developers will honor a refund after the grace period of 15 minutes to complete. Some applications have a note in the description that details the return policy. Such is the case People LevelUp Studio developers, which states that honor refund requests within 24 hours purchase.In list, scroll to the one you want to request a refund. Then, click Report a problem to the extreme right. In the pop-up that appears, select I would like to request a refund from the dropdown list. Make sure you describe the problems you are having with the application in the text box near the bottom and click Send Report. Your complaint will be evaluated by Google and you can get a refund.Keep in mind that these techniques reimbursement does not always work. Do not abuse the system, try to avoid paying for applications until you have tested the free version (if available) and you'll want the paid version. Finally, try to stay with the best developers and well known and you are more likely to download apps you will not want to return.
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