Apple get "defensive" with 128GB iPad, says analyst

With its new fourth generation expensive iPad 4, Apple has an eye on Windows 8 Hybrid, an analyst from Citibank said today.

"At $ 799, the latter iPad [model] at a price higher than the average sale price of a laptop ($ 703), bringing both squarely in the discussion the same portfolio," Glen Yeung said the Citibank in a research note.

Yeung continued: "Given what we believe to be a slide in 3-quart 10" iPad unit sales, we can not help but detect a defensive element to the latest Apple iPad [model]. "

That the defense is rooted in "an attempt to counter the onslaught of Haswell based Ultrabooks and Hybrid targeted for release 2:13," he added, referring to the laptop-tablet hybrid Intel-based energy saving chip next Haswell done in the second half of this year. Pro ​​Microsoft Surface is a prominent member of this group of hybrids. 128 GB model - which comes with a keyboard cover - will be priced at $ 999 and the package of mobile similar performance.

The initial version will be available on February 9, but Microsoft is no doubt planning a future based on the Haswell surface.

Haswell is expected to generate a number of "detachable" drawings - which detach from the base to become a standalone tablet.

Current examples of detachable, including Hewlett-Packard Envy x2, Samsung 500T Tablet PC Smart ATIV, VivoTab Asus and Acer Iconia W510.
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