Udacity, San Jose State University offers online courses for credit

So you've graduated from high school and was accepted into a four-year college. But when you arrive on campus, you discover that you can not pass the college entry-level, so it's back to remedial courses. This is the fate of half of all first-year San Jose State University, Provost Ellen Junn by. Add to these woes decreases in the funding of higher education throughout California, tuition higher and greater competition for college admission.

These are some of the reasons why the university has partnered with Silicon Valley startup Udacity offer San Jose State In addition, online courses for college credit. These types of classes are called MOOCs (massive open online course), and San Jose State administrators say the new program marks the first time a MOOC is available only online credit.

Udacity MOOCs began offering in early 2012. You wonder how a massive "massive" online course is open? Udacity 250,000 people currently enrolled in one of its offerings in computer science.

When students register for a MOOC Udacity, they watch short videos and interactive online quiz to make sure they have understood the material before the next concept is introduced. "There is in fact no lesson that we do little or conferences," said co-founder Sebastian Thrun Udacity. "It's really all about the student year. You learn by your brain crazy. You do not learn by just listening. "In other words, no more falling asleep during class. To start, San Jose State Plus offers three classes: entry-level mathematics, college algebra, and elementary statistics. These are classes that are often over-enrolled and create bottlenecks because students must pass to graduate. Classes are limited to veterans and students in high school or community college San Jose State. The fee for each class is $ 150.

This is another advantage of MOOCs - the cost per student is extremely low. San Jose State professor Ron Rogers, co-instructor for the elementary school statistics, said the cost of the manual only for the same class on campus is $ 150. Version MOOC class requires no manual. Students who have enrolled in MOOCs say they like being able to set their own pace for the course, regardless of the rest of the class. They can move forward when they are ready and video replay when the lesson is not completely sink in.

This does not mean that MOOCs are impeccable. Dropout rates are high. When a course is free, it is easy to register on a whim. Udacity launched when I signed Computers 101 only to find myself canceling dentist appointments and skipping gym sessions to try to put the homework on time. I did halfway through the course of eight weeks before I gave in and abandoned. Not a proud moment, but it was that or poor dental hygiene. To help you, San Jose State is adding more mentors. Their work? To push, push, encourage and assist students as needed.

More San Jose State met in record time. It began with a phone call in June when Governor Jerry Brown in California called and Thrun said that California was in crisis and the state needed his help. Spend seven months, beginning in January 30 points of the first San Jose State MOOCs brand.

Thrun is not yet done, however. He likes the idea of ​​MOOCs help students get a four year degree in four years (instead of six years on average now required by many) and helping to save tuition along the way. But it also has eyes on some other underserved students: "We want to help many students we want uniform rules and even allow students downtown or disadvantaged students to go to college with the same credit. as they can and be as successful as they can be. '
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