Apple to report first-quarter earnings on January 23

Apple today announced that it will unveil its fiscal first quarter financial results on January 23.

The quarter is typically the strongest of Apple, fueled by strong sales of the company during the lucrative holiday season.

In announcing its results for the fourth quarter of last October, Apple said it expects revenue of $ 52 billion and projected earnings of $ 11.75 per share for the first quarter of 2013. Apple expects to beat Wall Street with $ 54.5 billion in revenue, earnings per share of $ 13.32.

Much of the correspondence should be supported by sales of the iPhone, which continues to be a bestseller Apple. The Apple iPhone 5 has been put on sale for the entire quarter, while its new iPods and iPads launched in late October. The company has also renewed a large part of its range of Mac, although its iMac only began shipping at the end of quarter.

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