Star Wars: The Old Republic embraces same-sex romantic

Same-sex romance will soon be in the air in Star Wars: The Old Republic, which means your Jedi Knight or Bounty Hunter will have more opportunities to get lovin 'in the online game.

To date, the options novels characters were limited by class and gender. But in a blog post today, Jeff Hickman, Executive Producer as BioWare / EA has revealed that it is moving spring comes - to a certain extent.

The development of the next expansion pack Hutt Cartel, he said, it will be possible for new players on the planet (called Makeb) flirting with the same kind non-player characters, created by BioWare for giving quests, sell articles, and other to advance the story. The players, however, will still not be able to put the moves on same-sex companions, NPCs who accompany them on their intergalactic escapades as a piece main plot.

"I realize that we have promised to you guys SGR and that many of you think it would be a companion character," Hickman wrote, addressing the probable disappointment among many advocates of same-sex romance in the game. "Unfortunately, it takes a lot more work than we realized at the time and he (like some other content we talked about earlier in the year) was delayed because we focused on the changes needed to make the game free to play. As we have said in the past, which allows same-sex romance is something we strongly support. "

BioWare already included same-sex couples in the games, including Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age, a move that led to a certain reaction.

Romance in Star Wars: The Old Republic, for those who have not played the game, it is not just roses and candlelight lightsabers. It can be an exchange of dialogue (and very funny) suggestive of liplock digital fade to black. The company already novels SW: TOR can take most of the game to complete, and may be scuttled by a selection dialog harm or turn to the dark side of the Force.
The players have asked the same sex romance in the game for months, with son long on this subject on SW: TOR official forums.

Earlier this year, BioWare explained that RMS would an appearance in an update post-launch of the game, rather than at its launch, due to constraints to design a fully lined massively multiplayer online role-playing game in the size and scope of SW: TOR.

First revealed in 2008, Star Wars: The Old Republic launched just over a year ago to generally favorable critical, selling 2 million copies in its first three months. After the number of subscribers has declined, BioWare has added an option free-to-play.

While most of the answers to today's announcement readers CNET sister site GameSpot has made a joking ("Promise me, there will be man-on-wookie action"), much the used as an opportunity to lob general gripes about the game Some have strong opinions on the issue of actual SGR.

"It seems that EA is trying to push some sort of gay agenda and trying to advertise by doing this," said one commentator GameSpot. "But what is totally unnecessary. Nobody cares."

Judging, however, advocacy players on game forums that go months back, many do in fact care.

"I think that BioWare and EA have done an excellent job of making the same sex in a standard game instead of an anomaly," wrote another reader GameSpot. "I do not consider an entity EA completely benign, as any other company, but I think they should be commended for what they do well. "
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