BlackBerrify your iPhone case with keyboard Spike

LAS VEGAS - Nobody likes typing on a touchscreen. So what if your iPhone case with a QWERTY keyboard very mini?

This is exactly what Spike is designed to be SoloMatrix. When we heard last year, the Spike TypeSmart keyboard was part of a Kickstarter campaign that proved successful.

Swivels touchpad on its business and its key contact with the iPhone screen keyboard.

It does not require separate accounting, host or an application, and it works with a capacitive conductivity through the screens of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5.

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      keyboard iPhone case lets things go

Each time a key is pressed and makes contact with the screen, it creates a state grounded.

Spike is fixed phones in a wink. There is a button that pushes the menu number on the screen of the iPhone keyboard. Then you can type using the numerical designations for alternative TypeSmart.

But the fingers better be very agile indeed get the hang of it. When I tried to type a few sentences, some buttons do not register the words and letters missing.

I have a BlackBerry Curve, and there is really no comparison between the ease of use of the keyboard and Spike. First wins hands down.

But if you want something compact that does not require a separate power supply or Bluetooth, Spike may be worth considering.

IPhone 4/4s version will be launched in February at a price of $ 49.95, with the iPhone 5 following edition.

The price may drop if the high volume of orders, according to Cody Solomon, co-founder SoloMatrix.

Since its Kickstarter campaign raised some $ 81,000, Spike could be popular indeed.
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