How its ugly interfere with listening to music?

I've always been obsessed with her, and I've always wanted to hear my music with the best sound possible. It improves the experience for me, because I can not hear clearly what the musicians play, and the subtleties in the mix, if I get more music. This is true at home and on-the-go listening, and even if I do not have much money I still managed to put up a good hi-fi. Again, a good sound is in the ear of the beholder, and the viewer can not be so sure that its good really sounds like. It is a moving target.

I'm a guy upscale, but I can listen to music with gear is not expensive as my $ 23 Monoprice 8323 headphones, speakers, or Dayton B652 Lepai LP-2020A amplifier. Some low bit MP3 files and streaming audio sources may be acceptable, but I draw the line at $ 100 or even $ 200 Bluetooth speakers. I love when people describe their sound with lines like: "I was surprised by his size considering its size." Yuck, Bluetooth is still coarse grid, I prefer to hear anything. Earphones Free that come with the Apple products are a little better, but still miserable. It's me, everyone has a different threshold and priorities when it comes to quality sound.The equipment is one thing, but some records as Arcade Fire The Suburbs "" are also below my acceptable level. This is an album sounds nasty, and no press format - MP3, iTunes, or FLAC LP - makes everything more pleasant to my ears . recording itself is at fault, or maybe it's just that the objectives of the engineers and the band are in contradiction with my taste. Anyway, I love their music, and not have a problem with the sound of early albums Arcade Fire. Once records are supercharged they can never look good.

What do you think? What does it take to turn off the music or the machine, how the sound should be less than what you find acceptable?
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