BlackBerry 10 launch: What we know, what we expect

Yes, it's true. After several frustrating delays, Research In Motion is ready to formally withdraw the veil on its new generation of BlackBerry OS BlackBerry 10 and its first completely new in a year and a half.

RIM has up its sleeves enough to really impress the public remains to be seen. But there is no doubt that the company has everything riding on the success of BlackBerry 10. A sudden breath in and offer proof that RIM has its place in an industry that once dominated - while failure could accelerate or break the sale of the company. There is no doubt that the level of interest surrounding RIM has boomed, with industry observers drawn either history potential return or the prospect of a train accident. Investors seem willing to bet on the company - its shares have more than doubled in the last six months (although they fell 7.8 percent to $ 16.24 yesterday). Juxtapose that with Apple, which has lost a quarter of its value in the same period.

Optimism is a stark contrast to the long stretch RIM endured in recent years, its market share erode and managers had more excuses than results. Following the acquisition of QNX in April 2010 and co-CEO Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie missed and delayed the transition to the new platform generation. Even current CEO Thorsten Heins had to postpone the beginning of the end of last year to early this year due to the complexity of the movement.

Despite the feeling of momentum, there are still skeptics. Ovum analyst Jan. Dawson do not think BlackBerry 10 will save RIM.

"RIM continues to face the twin demons of purchasing power of consumer-oriented and a chronic inability to attract consumers in mature markets," said Dawson. "There is nothing in what we have seen up now suggesting that the BB10 will conquer the second of these demons, and the first is completely out of control of RIM. "

Shares were down yesterday on fears RIM can not actually be able to pull off a comeback.

Even so, the launch date is finally here. CNET breaks down what we know, what we expect and what we hope.

What we know:
Thank you for a first look at BlackBerry OS 10 at previous conferences and equipment testing pre-release, there is already a good idea of ​​what it will look like. There are a few key leaders RIM is likely to focus on. One is BlackBerry Hub or a central location for email, messages and social updates and status. Another is "flow", which allows easier navigation and multi-tasking between applications. Balance is another BlackBerry, RIM hopes will win on enterprise IT managers. Balance allows the unit to perform two personalities, one for work safety and personnel for family and friends.

Another focal point will be improved virtual keyboard. Gone are the days of the debacle click on the screen of the BlackBerry Storm. The virtual keyboard promises to be smarter than rival versions, and includes a second layer of the heat map that remembers how you press the individual, and if you tend to be right or left key itself. The phone is also meant to remind and suggest commonly used words and words already used in the document.

The keyboard is a climax at a conference before, but RIM must show more than that.

"RIM really needs to impress the public," said RBC Capital analyst Mark Sue.

RIM unveils two BlackBerry devices during the event, a full touchscreen device and a second full keyboard version. Phones that CNET spent limited time with a few months ago, will stack well with competing smartphones specifications, including display resolution, pixel density, memory, and 4G LTE connectivity.

On the front application, BlackBerry 10 will launch with 70,000 applications, most applications available at launch, the company has. However, this library is nothing compared to the iOS and Android apps available on the market.

What we expect (and hope):
With all the buzz of excitement and carrier support, we expect some details on the launch partners, availability, and may be the same price.

Both devices are rumored BlackBerry are named Z10 (for touch version) and X10 (for the keyboard). The Z10 is expected to launch first, with the following X10 shortly. The first phone is about to hit the market in February.

Launch of Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 was dipped a bit by the lack of details regarding the availability and we expect (and hope) that RIM will do better. However, given the preference of the carrier to be involved in product listings, information can be booked.

The mobile operators are not expected to play a major role in the event - it will show all of RIM. As a result, perhaps the announcement of partner operators might be a bit of pious reflection.

RIM will probably show a taste of its marketing campaign, which will play a crucial role in convincing the owners of BlackBerry smartphones that are worth buying again. The company said it may sell its current base of just under 80 million users, but the truth is that it will attract new customers to thrive. RIM will be able to quickly communicate any profits or benefits it has on competition, and it needs its carrier partners to be on the same page.

The company is already about to broadcast a commercial during the Super Bowl, he seems ready to go big with his campaign. The burning question: Will it be able to get that cool factor again?

    Meet the man who would be cool BlackBerry applications

RIM told the ease with which developers can write applications or port to the BlackBerry platform 10 so that the company must prove it has the high-level applications that people want in an operating system mobile.

Is heavyweights such as Electronic Arts and Rovio show? I hope we can get quick answers of the presentation.

Heins could pull a rabbit out of his hat and teasing a successor PlayBook tablet to. Statement touting the next Super Bowl smartphones and tablets of state, so you never know.

Finally, we also hope for BlackBerry at home. Nothing convinces a horde of skeptical journalists technology that the company is ready for prime time as having demo units ready to take home.
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