Forget Episode VII shows "JJ Abrams Star Wars - The Musical"

Are you a recent model "Star Trek" fan questions about your type JJ Abrams jumping ship to direct the next "Star Wars" movie? Or perhaps a "Star Wars" devotee filled with fear of having your deductible preferred to be under the supervision of someone who has made ​​two "Star Trek" movies?

If this is the case, there is a musical for you. "JJ Abrams Star Wars - The Musical", to be precise.

Abrams Image Darth Vader and singing at each other on a pier. Image Vader shame Abrams - Well, a bad lookalike at least - with a line like: "So you think / / you can go directly into / / You who joined the other side / / You now have all betray "Star Trek fan / / You have crushed their pride. "And then replicates Abrams," It is true / / Whether I left the ship / / I've always been a Star (Trek) Wars guys / / I can not make this perfect chance / / We'll see the same eye. "

This is stupidity at its best YouTube. This is news, it's funny (sort of), and this is the camp of the highest order. What's not to love? Abrams, of course, was recently appointed director of the "Star Wars Episode VII" after having already run the 2009 "Star Trek" and the upcoming "Star Trek Into Darkness".

Some, of course, whether someone with such a "Star Trek" pedigree can change sides.

But as noted in our music Abrams fictitious doubting Vader, it will be "Star Wars" franchise to its glory days, starting with what every true fan of obvious first step: kill Jar Jar.
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