Decent headphones that don't stand out

The good: The Phaser NOCS NS700 on-ear headphones offer good sound for the price, well adjusted, and seem well built. They also have an Apple-friendly in-line remote / microphone

The bad: The headset does not do much to distinguish itself from the competition. Several other helmets have the same design as the sound is correct, it does not exceed the expectations of $ 99 headphones.

The bottom line: NS700 Earphones NOC Phaser are decent headphones that are affected by the fact that they do not do enough to stand out from the competition - both from the point of view of design or performance.In case you do never heard of NOCS is a Swedish company, and it has a growing range of headphones, most of them in the ear models. I reviewed the NS400 ($ 79.99) and Crush NS600 ($ 149.99) and loved them both, but I was a little less enthusiastic about the Phaser NS700, model-ear reviewed here.

Why do not I like it so much? Well, for starters, it has a pretty ho-hum design. This is not a bad design, but there are several other headphones out there with the same design, it does nothing to stand out. In other words, the NOC engineers took a common, off-the-shelf helmet, slapped the company logo on it and probably put a decent driver inside and measure the noise to their liking. There's a bit more complicated than that, but this is the general picture of the situation - or at least my impression of it.
As I said, the design is not so bad. While headphones do not fold anyway, they are compact enough and comfortable enough, but not supercomfortable. They textured soft-touch finish and an Apple-friendly integrated remote / mic.

You will be able to make calls with Android and other smartphones, but the remote functions are guaranteed to work with iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Call quality is good in my tests with an iPhone 4S.
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