GameStick portable gaming system cruise trips on Kickstarter

Kickstarter continues to be the best friend of the player. The last project to blow past its goal is GameStick a sort of raspberry Pi meets Ouya creation has reached its goal of $ 100,000 by the second day of his crowdfunding campaign and has already ladled sauce over $ 70,000 green on this figure with 27 days still to go.

GameStick is an open-source, Android-based, portable game designed to turn any display with an HDMI port in a playground. The entire system consists of a controller based handheld with a dongle that slides on the screen to connect and communicate to the controller via Bluetooth.

All units early risers are already reserved $ 69 via Kickstarter, but you can still on the ground floor at the regular price of $ 79, which weakens even Ouya.The developers say they have identified 200 titles Android games that make for a good fit GameStick, but say they are working with a "network of over 250 developers, including major studios such as MADFINGER, Hutch, Disney, and others to bring you the best training."

Behind holding this little firecracker, who goes by the name of PlayJam is not messing around either. He said a series of initial production will take place in February, with the first round commercial follow in March, which means that donors could have to wait a few weeks after the Kickstarter campaign ends to actually have one of them in their pocket.

Looks like I may have found a cheap and portable to keep my New Year's resolution to do more games in 2013.
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