SuperTooth prepares two budget portable Wireless speakers for CES

I gave high marks to the bookshelf SuperTooth Disco original when he fell into stores last year, but I took issue with his inability to travel and of course, the lack of a true sound stereo.

This year, the company will again CES to announce a portable listening solution, called Didymus Disco has two separate speakers, giving you the opportunity to perch wherever you wish.

Bluetooth wireless music channels each device powered by 16 watts of juice audio, and legacy of the company "bass reflex system" in the back keeps the bass smooth.

SuperTooth evaluates the lifetime of the battery 3-4 hours if you listen to music non-stop higher maximum volume, but who does that? Realistically, you will probably have about 10 hours of music in "normal size." SuperTooth also use the showroom to show the HD voice, a speaker for the new cars that attaches to the sun visor and allows you to make hands-free calls using Bluetooth wireless streaming same.

Of course, the unit cares more to keep your hands free to operate the vehicle, so that the speaker can also dictate text messages, caller pictures in 12 languages, and read the battery level and connection aloud.

Twin Disco will sell for $ 199 for two speakers in a box, and HD Voice will sell for $ 89 following the announcement at the show.
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