GeeksPhone reveals Firefox phones OS for developers

A small start-up, Spanish GeeksPhone began selling phones that allow developers to get a taste of the new OS Mozilla Firefox.

GeeksPhone announced two 3G phones for the operating system based on the browser, Keon low-end and high-end Peak. Phones, while for programmers oriented rather than consumer customers, making Mozilla open source mobile OS much more real, since programmers can develop applications and for debugging and advance the operating system underneath.

OS Firefox is Mozilla's ambitious attempt to build an operating system that provides a larger opening to walled gardens of Apple's iOS and Google's Android. Although it is an open-source project, it is managed in secret by Google and its allies and business is closely linked to ecosystem Google app distribution and online services. Apple iOS is more closely locked with proprietary source code and Apple approved apps on the App Store.

Walled gardens or not, iOS and Android have been very popular for phones and tablets, and it is not clear whether the mass market really wants an alternative, even if it leaks lock-in. And even if some customers are the aperture value, it will not be easy for Firefox OS to locate competitive.

But at least Geeksphone models allow Mozilla and its allies - Telefonica and Qualcomm, among others - to try. However, it is not yet clear to what extent the phones will cost or when they will ship. CNET contacted GeeksPhone and will update this post if they respond.

"This week we announce our new mobile OS Firefox Developer Preview because we believe that developers will help bring the power of the mobile web," wrote Stormy Peters, Director of websites and developer engagement at Mozilla, in a blog today.

Web indeed brings a taste of nirvana programming multi-platform developers patients recrafting their applications for different operating systems. But that new smartphone or computer nowadays has a browser, there are still differences between them. And performance issues remain a bugbear - after initial enthusiasm, Facebook dissed Web applications and went to his native mobile applications on Android and iOS.

According to his LinkedIn profile, GeeksPhone is based in Madrid, Spain, and has 10 or fewer employees. He made his debut in 2009 when it launched an Android phone.

The Keon has a 1GHz Snapdragon processor Qualcomm S1 processor, 3.5-inch display, 1580 mAh, 3MP camera and the peak of luxury has a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, 4.3 inch screen , 1800 mAh battery and 8MP camera.

Both phones also have 4GB of ROM, 512 MB RAM, a MicroSD slot, 802.11n wireless networking, light and proximity sensors, GPS, an accelerometer and a camera flash.

Firefox OS is an operating system based on the browser being developed, with the first final version is not yet available. Although it is based on Android and Linux software foundation, runs Web applications written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This makes it an analog mobile Google Chrome OS.

To run these Web applications, Firefox OS uses naturally Gecko browser engine that is also the basis of Firefox. Mozilla is to adapt the engine with new interfaces to allow Web applications to take advantage of all the hardware features. Firefox OS debuted with the project name Boot to Gecko or B2G.

With this approach a browser that technical challenges, but it also means that a huge number of services already working on the phone, at least in principle, by simply pointing the phone on a web page.

Mozilla and its allies to the phone first to develop markets where customers are upgrading to smartphones phones with low range. Telefonica believes that Firefox OS phones will be much cheaper than the iPhone.

Peters urged programmers to see the light opening and create applications for Firefox OS. His reasons:

    • Keep the open Web. Support the open web and help to ensure that the power of the Web is accessible to all - even on mobile devices.

    • Simplicity. Develop a single technology stack (HTML5/CSS/JavaScript/new WebAPIs) and distribute it on the web and terminals.

    • Freedom. You're not locked into one vendor controlled ecosystem. You can distribute your application through the market Firefox, your own website, or any other store based on Mozilla technology app store opened.
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