Google asked the FCC for wireless spectrum, but do not get too excited

Google has asked the Federal Communications Commission for permission to conduct tests on apparently well, something. But this is not a new wireless service that some have hoped it would be, CNET has learned exclusively.

Steven Crowley, a wireless engineer, discovered the application, which was filed by Google last week. The application requests permission to test the full range of frequencies 2524-2546 MHz and 2567-2625 MHz. According to Crowley, the beaches are reserved for broadband for education and broadband radio service. But here's the rub: Clearwire, a company that Google had owned a slice until last year, using scales for its mobile broadband service.

We would expect that sparked speculation about whether Google is testing its own wireless network. The company currently offers Wi-Fi in the Chelsea neighborhood in New York, has been dipped his toe in the waters of Service Google Fiber in Kansas City.Google, however, did not provide details on its plans in the petition the FCC. The report is heavily redacted and there is only one place where exhibition describing the base stations to test the service at its headquarters in Mountain View.

Given the relative failure of concrete information, some circumstantial evidence is being developed to guess the plans of Google. Deposit, for example, has been authorized by Google vice president of access services Milo Medin. The unit manages access to Google services and fiber wireless initiatives.

However, the frequency range in question does not currently work natively with all consumer devices, because of recent regulations implemented by the FCC due to manipulation own Clearwire spectrum. In addition, a source with knowledge of Google's plans, said CNET tests, it is. The source added that the search giant has no intention at this time to offer a customer service-face with the spectrum.

So what is Google up to with this test? At this point, according to the source, it's nothing that consumers end up using and is in charge of access services "regularly test wireless technologies.
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