Verizon sells spectrum to AT & T for $ 1.9 billion

Verizon Wireless unloaded a frequency band to AT & T for $ 1.9 billion.

Spectrum, a part of Verizon block 700 mhz B, which is not itself using will probably be used by AT & T to expand 4G LTE deployment even as it seeks to strengthen and expand its scope of application. As part of the agreement, AT & T will drop some wireless licenses covering certain western markets. The agreement is part of Verizon's promise to regulators that it would make available to its 700 MHz spectrum block B as a condition of the acquisition of a greater spectrum band cable providers.

AT & T, meanwhile, went shopping to increase its own spectrum position, picking up small assets across the country. The carrier said Tuesday it would buy the U.S. operations of retail Atlantic Tele-Network for $ 780 million, largely for its active spectrum.

With wireless usage is growing exponentially, carriers have been busy consolidating their position spectrum, which gives them the ability to continue to provide services without stopping traffic or bandwidth. T-Mobile USA, and MetroPCS, for example, are grouped together in order to combine their frequencies to better serve both their customer bases.

AT & T CEO Randall Stephenson said in a conference call yesterday that he feels "good" about the position of the spectrum of the company.

The agreement covers 39 licenses and multiple markets. In return, Verizon will market recovery AWS spectrum such as Los Angeles, Fresno, California, Phoenix and Portland.

In addition, Verizon has agreed to sell a small portion of the 700 MHz spectrum block B in the management of grain, a private equity firm based in Sarasota, Florida, which invests in telecommunications companies, for $ 189 million . Verizon will also provide management of grain for the use of spectrum for AWS grains purchased from AT & T.
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