IBM Watson goes to school

To borrow Hugh Gallagher take on the famous university admissions test, IBM Watson Jeopardy computer has been a member of Congress, gave medical advice to doctors, and spoke with the stars of the TV late at night. Goal has not yet gone to college.

Until now, that is.

IBM announced that it was now for the first time, be amended to provide a system of Watson at university: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

System "teachers and students to provide opportunities year to find new uses for Watson and deepen the cognitive system," Big Blue said in a press release.

Watson, of course, is the system that caused a sensation in 2011 when he crashed icts human competitors on the game show Jeopardy. The system, as IBM has said, "a unique ability to understand the subtle nuances of human language, sift through huge amounts of data, and provide evidence-based answers to the questions of ICT users of rights. "

Since his triumph Jeopardy, Watson was eyeballed for-duty health care - including help diagnose cancer - banking functions, and even telemarketing.
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