Tumblr avoids the label Note added mature porn

Tumblr seems to be trying to avoid porn-war recently harangued 500px photo app and app vine Twitter.

The micro-blogging company warned age 17-and-over for its iOS application for all new users and people update their app to version 3.2.4, which was released today.

"You must be at least 17 years old to download this application," Tumblr wrote in his description of the application in the iTunes App Store because it contains "Frequent / Intense Sexual Content or Nudity."

Update the app just says he will make "small bug fixes." However, when users click the version 3.2.4, they must confirm that they are older than 17 years . "Tumblr contains restrictions regarding age," says the upgraded application. "Press OK to confirm that you are 17 years or older. Your content will then begin downloading immediately."

We do not know exactly why Tumblr has changed its application to contain a maturity rating. But it is not a secret that some blogs on the site contain "sexual content" and "nakedness." In an interview last June, Tumblr founder David Karp noted that 2 percent to 4 percent of traffic on Tumblr is porn-related.Tumblr 's 17 rating comes as 500px and vines were examined for the production of pornography easily accessible. When Twitter released last week under vine, many users quickly found a handful of videos featuring men and exhibitionism other activity. Apple quickly stopped promoting the vine in its App Store.

500px had a more severe reprimand. After complaints of the application containing pornographic images and materials, Apple has pulled from iTunes. Now 500px added warnings and a score of 17, Apple was allowed to return to the App Store.

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