LinkedIn reaches 200 million members

The professional social network announced today that it now has over 200 million members in over 200 countries and territories around the world. Members speak 19 languages.

"I want to thank each of you to help build the LinkedIn network in what is today," LinkedIn senior vice president of products and user experience, deep Nishar, wrote today in a blog. "It's fantastic to see how our members were able to transform life through LinkedIn. You are truly grasp the power of LinkedIn when you start to focus on these individual successes." LinkedIn has grown very fast. The company announced in March 2011 it had reached 100 million users - eight years after its founding in 2003. In November, the company announced that its membership had increased to 187 million users.

A key element of growth LinkedIn has expanded internationally. The company announced today that Turkey, Colombia and Indonesia are the most dynamic markets. On the mobile side, China, Brazil and Portugal are leading. Altogether, more than 64 percent of LinkedIn members are currently living outside the United States

However, the United States is essential to the success of LinkedIn. According to the company, 74 million members in the United States, eclipsing easily the second largest country, India, which has 18 million members. The United Kingdom and Brazil both tied for third place with 11 million members.

Another interesting tidbit a: 4 million LinkedIn members identify themselves as working in the IT sector. Financial services and higher education take the following points with 2 million and 1.95 million members, respectively.
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