Kensington widget notifies when the iPhone goes walkabout

Kensington has launched a system called Proximo he promises will alert people when items such as keys and iPhones are lost or stolen.

The kit consists of an iPhone application Proximo, a keyring for a keychain, and a third to follow something like a backpack or car, the company announced at CES. If the elements too far - people can specify exact distances, which are measured using Bluetooth wireless - they sound the alarm.

Carriers and app are equipped with buttons that trigger an alarm from a paired device to help locate. And the app provides a map based on GPS tracking devices that are out of range.The kit costs $ 60, and $ 25 other tags can be purchased to track up to five devices with the application.

Also at CES, Kensington has announced few other accessories:

• If $ 50 Trifold Folio for iPad fourth generation iPad with a protective front cover and a back three components that can serve as support.

• The $ 35 PowerBolt 4.2 Double Quick Charger car charge two USB 2.1 ports and two removable watt load old style iPhone charging cables. Those with iOS devices using port recent lightning will use their own cables.

• The $ 30 PowerBolt 2.1 Quick Charger with car charging cable attached single lightning.

• The backpack Contour Overnight $ 90, which has a laptop compartment that can be unpacked and laid flat for easy travel through the airport security. It has a larger capacity than previous models models of society back contour.
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