Microsoft beefs up SkyDrive with more features

Microsoft has started 2013 with some useful additions to your website SkyDrive.

As detailed in yesterday blog Inside SkyDrive, you can now move files in SkyDrive in other folders by dragging and dropping to a specific location on the navigation bar.

For example, to move a file from your Documents folder under the root of your SkyDrive storage space, simply drag the file to the breadcrumb SkyDrive with your name. Previously, there should be a right click on a file, select the Move command, and then select a destination folder to move it.

Those of you with touchscreen devices can now select a single file by typing it or multiple files by dragging them left or right. Exploit the file or drag the files again will deselect them.Finally then, Microsoft has made it easier to share files SkyDrive.

Select a file and click the Sharing option in the command bar or right-click context menu. You will now see all the different ways you can share this file, including e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and as a specific URL. You can then set access so that other people can edit the file or simply read.

Microsoft has also made improvements "under the hood" to improve the speed and reliability of SkyDrive. Changes yesterday should be available on your SkyDrive storage site now.

These changes can not be overwhelming. But it's good to see Microsoft SkyDrive constantly tweaking to make the service more user friendly.
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