Low-cost iPhone will be an iPhone 5 plastic, claims history

Apple iPhone at low cost iPhone 5 will look like, take a few cues from the iPod touch and iPod classic and go to a plastic body.

At least, this is the last scuttlebut people to iLounge. Citing the usual "reliable sources", the blog site claims the new model will be a cross between the iPhone 5, iPod Touch and fifth generation iPod Classic.

As the current iPhone, the low-cost version would sport a 4-inch 1136x640 pixel Retina Display and use the new interface of lightning. The sensor, camera and keys available that match those found on the iPhone 5. The screen itself will stay with Gorilla Glass, say sources iLounge, but the body is plastic.

The bottom of the phone would design the iPod Touch. Like the Touch, the volume buttoms adopt an elongated pill instead of the circular design more iPhones last year. The back of the phone is home to the camera, microphone and flash back with the same layout as on the latest iPod Touch.

Finally, the overall shape is similar to that found on conventional iPod.As always rumors like these should be taken with a grain of salt.

Reports a cheap iPhone have surfaced in recent times by the likes of The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg with a large number of analysts. But the details differ depending on the source.

Some reports say that the budget phone would use a plastic body, others make no mention of this. Several reports claim the phone will debut this year, at least one analyst has said it will not surface until next year at the earliest. And a price range have been alleged for the new phone, anywhere from $ 99 to $ 250.

Even Apple's response to the rumor was tinged with mystery. Senior marketing VP Phil Schiller, reportedly told the Shanghai Evening News recently that Apple will "not develop cheap smartphones to capture market share." But the story was quickly revised, would, at the request of Apple, Schiller comment seem a little more vague
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