Nokia injects $ 250 million in venture capital financing

Nokia has committed $ 250 million in venture funding arm, Nokia Growth Partners, the company announced today.

With this sum, Nokia Growth Partners members will be able to invest in "high potential companies in the mobile ecosystem." Venture capitalists will focus their efforts in the United States, Europe and could Asia.China be an important opportunity for Nokia, so the company has expanded its presence by appointing former Chinese President David Tang AMD as General Manager. Guo Lu, former vice president of Keystone Ventures, will act as principal in China.

Nokia last fund is the third since the founding Partners Growth "in 2005. The fund has invested in a wide range of companies, including Swype user interface mobile phone company.

Many major technology companies have venture capital arms. Google has one of the best known fund managers led by several prominent technology, including Digg founder Kevin Rose.
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