Lumia 900 to get Windows Phone 7.8 on 30 January - report

Nokia Lumia 900 to get an upgrade to Windows Phone 7.8 coming weeks, according to a new report.

Windows Phone WP fan site yesterday said the central update the operating system will be coming to AT & T Lumia 900 owners on January 30. The blog is basing its claim on an internal AT & T e-mail that claims to have obtained details of the update.

Windows Phone 7.8 was announced last year alongside Windows Phone 8. Products running Windows Phone 7, as the Lumia 900, could not be upgraded to Windows Phone 8, Microsoft to build out an upgrade for customers who have been left in the phone cold.Windows 7.8 includes many enhancements, including a new boot screen, new theme colors and an improved lock screen. The update will be available free to Lumia 900 owners.

In other news from Nokia, The Verge reported today that Verizon expects to achieve a combined Lumia flagship this year. This device, codenamed Laser, will be a "variant" of Nokia Lumia 920.

The addition of a flagship device of Nokia on the Verizon network will complement the Lumia 822 running on the service. The Lumia 822 is free with a two year contract.
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