Magellan Unveils Cloud-Connected GPS Smart

LAS VEGAS - Magellan GPS Smart new portable navigation device works with your smartphone, connecting to the cloud to move from point A to point B, and smarter.

Smart GPS hardware is part of a three-pronged approach (hardware, smartphone application, and timing of clouds) decentralization of how users navigate. The new device has a 5-inch screen capacitive touchscreen that acts as a multi-touch smart phone, answering the movies, pinching, and buffers.

The most interesting feature evident and new software Magellan GPS revised feeds Smart is the new bank of 8 squares customizable information that can be slid off the right edge of the screen of the device. These squares customizable display the location of sensitive information - such as gasoline prices near, reviews Yelp, Foursquare tips, or traffic and safety alerts - that updates on the fly in a way that is reminiscent of Windows Phone Live feature tiles. The driver controls, if any, of these squares are visible information while the data that drives these squares driving.The information comes from Magellan cloud-based Smart ecosystem, which consists of a web portal Magellan is accessible via a personal computer and a Magellan GPS Smart app for smartphones. Smart GPS hardware has a feature that Wi-Fi is used to connect to your home network when your car is parked in your garage or any other access point near open when on-the-go access to and synchronize the data they need. Fill in the blanks connectivity between Bluetooth access points is your smartphone running in pairs Magellan GPS Smart app. Magellan GPS tells us that the intelligent out a minimum amount of data when connected to a smartphone, so that users on limited data plans do not have to worry about blowing through their hats.

One of the major advantages of a navigation device is that cloud-related data such as bookmarks, can be easily synchronized across devices, for example, a user can search for and store a destination using the Magellan web portal a laptop and have the destination favorites automatically fill GPS smart "when it comes to the car. If a friend texts you the address for a party, just beam is the GPS on your dashboard chip GPS app.

Undoubtedly, users may prefer to simply use their phone to navigate rather than bother with a second bit of equipment. For these drivers, Magellan will update Magellan Roadmate navigation application for smartphones to add new information and functionality square the benefits of ecosystem Smart. We were able to play with a very early build of the application and if it was beautiful, it was too early to really test drive. One advantage that the material retains its Smart GPS app counterpart - except, of course, the most sensitive GPS antenna - is compatible with the Magellan Wireless Backup Camera that we found to be easy to install and a great improvement in vehicle safety when we discussed last year.

Magellan GPS Smart will be on sale for $ 249 when it hits retailers in spring 2013. It's a bit smooth material. The new interface info square cloud and connectivity are very cool, but I expect that a large portion of the audience will be more interested CNET updating much cheaper Magellan Roadmate the application when it is available at the same time boast similar features.

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