AT & T sells record 10M smartphones in Q4

The carrier said this morning that in the last quarter of 2012, it sold a record number of smartphones - 10 million. Which exceeded its previous quarterly record of 9.4 million set in the fourth quarter of 2011.

The three-month period that just ended included best-ever quarterly sales to both Android and smartphones from Apple, AT & T said.

"We had another amazing quarter sales of smartphones as the mobile Internet continues to drive strong growth in wireless," said Ralph de la Vega, president and CEO of AT & T Mobility said in a statement. "These are postpaid industry's most valuable with average incomes double that of non-smartphone users." De la Vega has even slipped in a mention of Windows Phone, Microsoft is so far also-ran alternative to Android and iPhone.

"During the quarter, we average over 110,000 sales of smartphones per day as customers flock to our portfolio of recent attack Android, Apple and Windows. Combine that with the largest national network of 4G fast as lightning LTE network that now reaches over 170 million people and see why customers continue to choose AT & T in record numbers, "he said.

Verizon also had good things to say about the fourth quarter. CEO Lowell McAdam yesterday called it "historic" - the best quarter ever Verizon as the company added 2.1 million net subscribers, he said.

Both companies paving the way for their advertisements fourth quarter results: Verizon on the morning of January 22 and AT & T after the market closes on January 24.

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