Windows RT hack? Don't sweat it, Microsoft says

RT windows can be hacked to run unsigned desktop applications, but Microsoft sees no reason to worry.

As noted yesterday, the hack allows someone with a certain amount of sense to change the code in the Windows kernel RT if the operating system in tablet can run office applications. Officially, the program office RT Windows only supports Microsoft Internet Explorer are clean Office suite. Otherwise, the operating system that can run Windows applications store.

But the hack is not suitable for the average RT Windows user.Besides requiring programming chops necessary, the hack can not alter the code in memory. Thus, a user must change the code every time the device boots up.

In addition, desktop applications must be recompiled for ARM processors, so that users could not just run their existing desktop programs, which are designed for Intel x86.

In a statement sent to CNET, Microsoft warned that the hack does not pose a security threat and actually applauded the people who discovered the hack. But the company also suggested that the hack can be removed in a future update RT.

    The scenario described is not a security and not a threat to Windows users RT. The mechanism described is not something that the average user could, or could reasonably debt because it requires local access to a system, local administrator rights and debugger to work. In addition, the Windows Store is the only supported method for customers to install applications for Windows RT. There are mechanisms in place to check for security threats and ensure that the applications of the shop are legitimate and can be purchased and used with confidence. We welcome the ingenuity of people who worked it and the hard work they have done for the documentation. We do not guarantee these approaches will be there in future versions.

The hack was discovered by someone called clrokr, who described how he was able to change some value in the RT kernel to broaden the types of applications can run RT. Thanks to his efforts, the hacker also found that RT Windows is not so different from Windows 8, Windows RT call "a port of Windows 8."
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