Viewsonic this series of touchscreens Windows 8

LAS VEGAS - ViewSonic has announced its new series of Windows 8 certified touchscreens. The series consists of 23-inch TD40 TD2340, TD2740 the 27-inch and 32-inch monitors TD3240. IPS screens have a 1920 x1, 080 resolution and HD were announced at CES 2013, ViewSonic 24 inch smart VSD240.

The TD40 series monitors are designed to optimize and improve the use of Windows 8 on touch screens. In addition to professional quality IPS panels and Full HD resolution monitors use technology projected capacitive touch 10 points which is designed to make fast and accurate touch interaction.

The series also focuses on the customer TD40 Windows 8 Experience with an ergonomic design of the touch screen. TD2340 TD2740 and the different concepts, but both allow the monitor to swivel or flat, which makes use of the touch screen more comfortable for the user.

The TD3240 is made with commercial applications in mind and therefore differs from smaller monitors series. It has a display with a surface hardness of 7H making it an option for interactive displays business with heavy traffic, such as a kiosk, or if you're the man with iron fists.

Other ports include the DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA and USB. The only model that offers integrated webcam is the TD2740.

TD40 Series will deploy in April. The TD2340 will be released in January for $ 599, the TD3240 will be released in February for $ 2,499, and TD2740 in April for $ 799 ....
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