Video search tool for Samsung TVs will come too many tablets

LAS VEGAS - Samsung new video search tool, which the company unveiled yesterday its televisions will also be available for some tablets this spring, a Samsung executive told CNET.

This means that users will be able to use an application to navigate across different video services, as well as use their tablets as a remote to control their TVs, TJ Kang, senior vice president of the center Samsung multimedia solution, CNET said in an interview after the press conference yesterday Samsung at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. In his role, Kang oversees new services and applications made by Samsung for its products.

"You can either stream video to the tablet and start looking on the tablet and take it everywhere with you, or if you want to share this video with other members of the family, you can send it to the TV "Kang said. "We give that transparent, multi-screen experience multi-user."

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One of the biggest criticisms of Smart TVs such as Samsung, is that they are too difficult to use. It can be frustrating and time consuming to navigate between all the video streaming services on different device and live television, including in the mixture.

In addition, if someone wants to switch between the cable and Internet streaming services on TV, they usually have to spend a remote and change the HDMI port by pressing the input button on the remote. None of this makes for very fast video search and seamless.

New Samsung technology, which currently has no name, but is called by the company as a video service discovery, allowing users to search all the different video sources through a single application. When the service launches this spring, it will also be available for some mobile devices Samsung, Kang said.

Here's how it works: If someone searches for "Modern Family" program using the Samsung results include anything currently on live television, and episodes available from Netflix and other streaming services. So instead of going to Netflix, Blockbuster, and other individual applications, everything would appear in a list.

If the program is playing, says Kang, a person would be able to use the tablet as a remote control to power the receiver and immediately watch the video on their TV. The key is infrared control included in the tablet. This means that only a few current Samsung mobile devices would work after receiving a software update -. Rating 10.1 of the Galaxy and Galaxy Tab 10.1 inch 2 "We have tablets that have already integrated IR emitters so that the solution will work with legacy home entertainment devices," said Kang. "Not all home entertainment devices have the intelligence that allow us to do so. We use infrared technology to bridge the gap. "

Kang noted that some users will not be able to watch live TV on their tablets unless they have a Samsung TV chip that can broadcast the program from the TV screen to the tablet.

Samsung has worked with Netflix, dishes, service providers and other companies to "make the experience as seamless as possible," said Kang.

"They are all on board with it," he added.

Kang was evasive about whether this feature will also appear in smartphones (like the Galaxy S4 expected), but said no products on the market today infrared technology needed to act as a remote control for older devices.

Kang noted new televisions with video service discovery will probably hit the market in March. Samsung plans to appoint the service and launch a major campaign around the technology in the spring.

Kang also said Samsung plans to expand its service Music Hub, currently only available on phones and tablets, Blu-ray players and smart TVs. He added that he may even appear on devices such as refrigerators. Samsung and can also provide e-book service in the United States, said Kang. At the moment the service is available in Europe.

"You'll start seeing a lot of these services [that] I will now think the reputation of our company in the hardware," Kang said. "We have a fairly large team of people in several continents working to differentiate the content and services side, and on the hardware side. You will begin to see the fruits of this work from the discovery of video services. It is the first to be unveiled and we have many more to come. "
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