Microsoft to developers: this is the "modern.IE" world

In case you were not sure, Microsoft wants you to really, really understand that Internet Explorer 10 is not just an update to the old much-maligned browser. The latest example: "modern.IE", a set of tools to help Web developers, the company announced today.

"It is too difficult to test sites across different OS and browsers," said Ryan Gavin, general manager of Internet Explorer, in a telephone interview with CNET yesterday. "From our side, we can encourage the best practices. We know we can do better here, so we provide the tools and support so that developers spend most of their time innovating and less time to test them. " "Innovating longer, less testing time," Gavin shows a phrase of the day, something he repeats throughout our conversation. Modern.IE Microsoft clearly believes that tools will appeal to developers.

Submit a URL in the text field analysis tool, and he turns against a report with suggestions on how to improve your site divided into three categories. The first is a little long delay which decomposes household problems that have arisen to support older versions of Internet Explorer. Microsoft puts money and manpower behind modern.IE. Gavin explained that if the tool is known bugs related to a site, the tool will assign the bug IDs and allow developers to request access to the IE engineering team. "We will work with you on these specific bugs," he said. "Right now, we're running a 48-hour turnaround from the e-mail when we return to you."

The scanner will also return to other issues that developers can fix themselves. This includes things like jQuery framework obsolete, which is important because 91 percent of developers are now using jQuery, Gavin. In this case, the report recommends that the next version of jQuery compatible minimize testing.

Other problems include the search scanner compatibility issues, common prefixes CSS issues library databases, conditional comments, and browser detection, including older versions of IE instead sensing features of the now preferred. "40 percent of the first 5,000 sites [by traffic volume and] use libraries obsolete," said Gavin.

The second component is the ratio modern.IE a set of tools to facilitate virtual test update and maintain standards. To this end, Microsoft works with the emulator browser BrowserStack tests to test any combination of hardware, operating system and browser. Usually, the service is around $ 20 per month, Gavin said, but Microsoft will focus on the first three months. Microsoft has built Firefox and Chrome addons for BrowserStack to provide one-click access to services, rationalization of its use.

The third component in the report modern.IE is a suggestion of best coding practices in the future. While Gavin warned that guidelines can not cover all aspects of coding for the modern Web, he said that if developers follow the suggestions from Microsoft they will "prevent 99 percent of coding problems."

The list of recommendations has some heft behind it, too. It is being organized by Dave Methvin, jQuery Foundation President and Rey Bango, a technical evangelist at Microsoft and former member of the jQuery project.

"We're going to iterate and improve the period ended," said Gavin. "We would like your feedback developer to continue this course." If developers are willing to forgive Microsoft for his previous hard-line approach for developing Web is another story.

We reached out to individual developers from their point of view modern.IE and will update with comments from them when they come to us.
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