MacBook EFI updates fix battery problems

Apple has released a series of EFI firmware updates to solve a rare problem where some systems unexpected shutdown or could stop working after the battery has been widely used.

Apple determines the health of the battery part number of charge cycles he lived (a charge cycle is a sum of partial loads equivalent to a full charge), and according to the system claims that the batteries should last between 300 and 1000 charge cycles. However, a rare problem in some systems could result in a nonfunctional computer if the system detects that 1000 charge cycles have been exceeded.

To solve this problem, Apple has issued three EFI firmware update for the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and MacBook. The updates are small pieces and should be available by going to the section Updating software in the Apple menu, but can also be downloaded and applied manually from the links below (updates can be installed on systems for which they are intended)

      MacBook SMC Firmware Update 1.5
      MacBook Pro SMC Firmware Update 1.6
      MacBook Air SMC Update 1.8

Be updated the firmware, make sure you have the systems attached to a reliable power source and do not disrupt the process of updating. The system should display a progress bar during the small update and should restart at least once during the installation. As always, make sure to back up your system before applying these updates.
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